Popular Types of X-Ray Tube Sold By X-Ray Tube Manufacturers in California

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Professional x-ray tube manufacturers create solutions with intricate designs and produce structured tubes to fulfill the requirements of different applications. The product list includes integrated cooling options, packaged and sheiled tubes, glass tubes, and high voltage supply integration. Consumers benefit from having a tube designed to cater specifically to the needs of their application.

Here are three popular types of x-ray tubes:

1.Mini-Focus Packaged X-Ray Tube
The mini-focus packaged x-ray tube is made of filament wire and a high voltage cable. This is the ideal x-ray tube for users who desire a plug-n-play solution. It is manufactured with radiation isolation and high-quality thermal properties to ensure there are no disruptions in service. It is affordable without compromising integrity.

2.Silicone Potted X-Ray Tube
This is the ideal x-ray tube for products needing less than 15 watts. The x-ray tube manufacturers use silicon encapsulation to enhance stability and isolate electrostacitity. The silicone potted x-ray tube is best used in non-woven materials like papers, plastics, and metals.

3.End Window X-Ray Tube
This high-power operation tube was created for users who want the most flux and a wide-angle beam. It is equipped with a larger heat sink. The bronze body is plated with nickel to maximize heat transfer. The end window x-ray tube connects easily to a standard HV power supply with an integrated Mammoflex® HV cable and LV cables.

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