Poured Floors Aren’t Just Concrete Anymore!

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You don’t have to settle for plain concrete to have a floor that’s perfectly smooth. Residential poured floors can be made in all sorts of beautiful patterns. Terrazzo-style mosaics, stripes, and marbleized designs are easy for the right flooring company to produce. It is actually possible to turn any color photograph into a beautiful solid flooring design!

This variety is made possible through the use of non-concrete pourable materials such as urethanes and acrylics. The Hoffman Floor Covering Corporation will use the substances that will produce the visual effects you want and provide the structural soundness you need. Seamless household flooring is therefore no problem to create.

The beauty and versatility of seamless flooring methods aren’t their only benefits. A seamless floor made of these materials is also completely nonporous. This makes it breeze to clean year after year. You’ll never have to worry about grout getting discolored or moldy because there isn’t any grout! You also won’t have to worry about tiles popping up or linoleum starting to curl.

Commercial locations are also greatly benefited by poured urethane or acrylic flooring. In these areas, beauty often isn’t the most important factor. Instead, the ability to sanitize the surface is paramount. Restaurants need nonporous surfaces to ensure that germs and mold don’t get a foothold in the kitchen. In many jurisdictions, this health department requirement even applies to the floor. In other commercial and industrial buildings, ease of cleaning is still important. Seamless, nonporous flooring resists stains and chemical damage that often turn concrete ugly in short order.

In industrial locations such as warehouses, the customizability of one of these floors serves a practical, rather than aesthetic, purpose. You can have your floor made with permanent safety stripes, color-coded to designate special areas, and even have warning notices built into the floor. This makes it easy to maintain safety and efficiency without worrying about the markings fading over time. The durability of these floors is also an important factor. Those made for warehouses and other such locations are built to be able to handle things like forklifts being driven over them or heavy stock being left on them.

Thanks to all of these benefits, seamless acrylic and urethane flooring is great for residential, commercial, and industrial locations. Simply tell the flooring company your needs, and they will design a floor to match.