Premises Liability Law and Your Accident Attorney in Hattiesburg, Mississippi

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Premises liability law defines the legal obligations of property owners when it comes to hazards on their property. Although a property owner isn’t responsible for the safety of others who enter their property, they are required by law to take reasonable measures to ensure the safety of visitors. As each case is different and proving premises liability can be hard, anyone injured on the property of another person should seek the services of an accident attorney Hattiesburg MS immediately for legal advice and representation.

An accident attorney in Hattiesburg MS will look at the facts of the case and determine if the case falls under premises liability law. Examples of cases that would qualify include falls involving a broken step or stairs that are missing a railing. A swimming pool accident resulting from a head injury after a dive may be a premises liability case and the same is true if someone becomes trapped in a drain. If a person is physically or sexually assaulted on a person’s property, the property owner may be held liable if he or she had negligent security. These are just a few examples of premises liability cases.

Critical facts must be analyzed to determine the strength of the case and an accident attorney in Hattiesburg MS can do this analysis. He or she looks at how long the hazard was in place and whether or not it was caused by the property owner. The owner must have actual or constructive knowledge of the hazard and must have taken remedial measures to prevent accidents and injuries. He or she is also responsible for taking maintenance and custodial actions to discover any hazards on the property and correct them. Finally, the attorney looks at the reason why the injured party was on the premises as this can affect a person’s right to file a claim.

If you have been injured on another person’s property, you should seek legal advice as you may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills, pain and suffering, time lost from work and more. Contact Brinkley Law Firm today for a free consultation. Your case will be analyzed and the attorney will tell you whether or not you should proceed with a lawsuit. As each case is different, only an experienced attorney can best advise you on whether or not to move forward.