Preparation and More Preparation Gets Successful Results in Reinstatement Hearings

Suspending and revoking driver’s licenses is big business for the Illinois Secretary of State (SOS). The office will give you one or more of 40 legal reasons for suspending or revoking your license. Without the assistance and counsel of an effective drivers license reinstatement lawyer Chicago, you’re in for a protracted and complex process if you try to legally get back on the road again yourself. You might think that you know the rules and procedures necessary for reinstating your license, but you’re likely to make mistakes along the way that will only operate to cost you more time and money.

Preparation and More Preparation

Proper preparation is crucial in the reinstatement process. Your choice of an attorney is highly important to your preparation. If you’re going to a formal hearing, rather than having the Secretary of State’s attorney question you, your own attorney can step in and do that. If you’ve been thoroughly prepared, there will be very few questions asked of you by the Secretary of State’s legal representative. By that time, you’ll know how to answer them anyway. Even if you’re preparing for an informal hearing, you need to be aware of the nature of all of the questions that will be asked of you, and you should know the answers to those questions before the hearing ever begins.

Don’t Get Overwhelmed

Preparation for a reinstatement hearing doesn’t only include the hearing. Your driver’s license reinstatement lawyer will give you a roadmap on everything that you need to do before your hearing too. You’ll also need that guidance to get through the rigorous hearing process.

You’re likely to fail miserably if you approach a reinstatement hearing alone. Rather than doing that, contact a driver’s license reinstatement lawyer in Chicago at Johnson & Goldrich to arrange for a free consultation and license reinstatement evaluation. You can phone us at 312-795-1801, or you can use our easy contact form. We want to see you get back on the road legally.