Preparing Chicken in the Best Way Before Serving Your Customers

Owning a restaurant allows you to focus on making sure customers receive a delicious meal made with fresh ingredients. You are also able to highlight the foods that you are skilled at preparing. An easy item that you can prepare in multiple ways is chicken, but there are a few mistakes you want to avoid when preparing the meat in order to be known as one of the best chicken restaurants in NY.

Fresh Is Best
A common mistake that you might make would be to use frozen chicken instead of letting the meat thaw before it’s cooked. You should also avoid using chicken that claims that it’s been previously frozen as the meat can sometimes have a freezer burnt taste. Try to get chicken that you can tell is fresh, purchasing the meat the same day if needed in order to deliver the best flavors to your customers.

Cooking with the Bones
Although boneless chicken might seem like it’s easy to prepare, bone-in chicken locks in more flavors and is sometimes easier to get completely done. A chicken thigh usually retains the most natural juices while a chicken breast is easy to butterfly and pair with other ingredients while cooking. One of the things to keep in mind if you want to be among the top of chicken restaurants in NY is that you should offer a selection of bone-in chicken and boneless, especially for customers who don’t always enjoy eating meats from a bone.

Crispy Skin
While taking the skin off of the chicken that you prepare might make it a healthier piece of meat, it also takes away a lot of the flavor. Leaving the skin on helps to lock in the moisture of the meat. A way to get the skin on your chicken crispy is to turn the temperature up just slightly right before you remove the meat from the pan.