Preparing for the Movers In Wheaton IL

by | Feb 18, 2021 | Moving and Relocating

Anyone who has ever moved from one residence to another knows that careful planning will help make the task a little easier. The best approach is to ensure that things are ready before the Movers In Wheaton IL show up to begin loading and transporting the owner’s furnishings and other personal effects. Here are some tips that will help.

Sort Belongings in Advance

Rather than trying to pack everything in the last day or two before the move, start at least two weeks in advance. Use this as an opportunity to sort through all the items that are stored in closets, the attic, and other areas. Anything that has not been used in the last two years probably does not need to make the transition to the new place. Sell or give away those items, and the amount left to pack will be significantly reduced.

Label the Boxes as They are Packed

To keep track of everything, it helps to label boxes as they are filled. A simple black marker will work just fine on cardboard moving boxes. Along with a brief description of what is in the box, it also helps to include information about where it will go in the new home. For example, if your plan is to store the box in the attic at the new place, write attic on the side of the box. View site for more info.

Don’t forget to include the word fragile on any boxes that contain breakables. Even if the description clearly states there are glasses or dinner plates inside, it still never hurts to write this one word in big bold letters. Doing so will help the movers have a better idea of how to handle the box, and even where to put in inside the moving van. While it will take a little more time, make sure to write the description on at least two sides of the box. That will make it much easier to direct the Movers In Wheaton IL as they bring the boxes in at the new place. Advance preparation helps everyone involved. For more tips on how to prepare for a move efficiently consult with the team at Jackson Moving & Storage in Wheaton IL. They help customers manage the task with greater ease, something that is very much appreciated once moving day arrives.

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