Preventative Maintenance And Car Repair In Shingle Springs, CA

Automobiles are complex systems of electrical and mechanical parts, each working in sync with the others to ensure you are able to commute from one place to another. As long as all those parts are in proper working order, your vehicle should run smoothly and function as it was designed to. It is important to have your vehicle routinely inspected by an automotive professional, to ensure none of the parts involved in your vehicle are on the verge of malfunctioning. If something does go wrong, you need to have the problem assessed by a professional in the field of car repair in Shingle Springs as soon as possible.

You can take care of some preventative maintenance on your own. Check your transmission fluid levels regularly. Your vehicle should be parked on a level surface and running while checking the transmission fluid. Look at the fill line near the end of the transmission dipstick to ensure the fluid level is adequate. If not, add more fluid slowly, checking from time to time as you go to be sure you do not overfill. Too much transmission fluid can cause as many problems as not enough.

Check the odor and appearance of the transmission fluid as well. It should be transparent red, pink or amber in color. If the fluid appears cloudy and brown, it has coolant from your radiator mixed with it. This indicates you have a leak. Foamy fluid is a sign there is too much fluid, the wrong fluid has been used for your vehicle or another issue may be present. If the fluid is brown and smells burnt, it should be changed immediately.

Checking your own oil is another preventative measure you can easily take on your own. Once again, your vehicle should be level; however, when checking the oil, the vehicle should not be running and should be allowed to cool. When in optimum condition, oil is light brown or gold. If the oil is dark brown or black, it may be time for an oil change. Cloudy or bubbly oil could be a sign of a coolant leak, blown head gasket or other serious condition.

While checking your vehicle’s oil and transmission fluid could prevent a small issue from becoming worse, there are a number of other problems that could arise without warning. Have your vehicle inspected by a professional if you suspect something is not right.

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