Professional Sacramento Ant Control: Determining the Reasons for the Infestation

6532504_lRegardless of what area of the country you live in, ants can be a significant source of frustration. An infestations can lead to problems with keeping food fresh and if you are dealing with something such as red ants, concerns for your safety and your health may be at issue as well. That’s why if you call Sacramento home and you are having problems in your home with ants, it’s time to contact a professional Sacramento ant control company to deal with any problems you may be having.

The first thing to remember about ant control is to determine what is causing the infestation. In many cases, you have ants that live outside but go indoors looking for food. There and other types of ants will nest in your home. Determining the factors that are causing the ant infestation is the first step in getting a handle on the situation.

For example, ants that live outside can move inside because of rain. Ants that live under the ground and experience rainstorms will automatically look to move to higher ground. In many cases, that higher ground may be your home.

Rotting or decaying wood can often attract a particular species of ant. These ants are known as carpenter ants and whether you have old wood around your home or perhaps you’re having a problem with dry rot on your home’s structure, this can be a very appealing environment for ants as these types of ants, much like termites will feed on sawdust and rotting or decayed wood.

Another thing that will attract ants are sugary foods. Some people commonly call these types of ants sugar ants and they will be attracted to things such as honey, syrup, soda, candies and anything with a higher concentration of sugar. Whether these types of items are left unopened or something is spilled, this can be a very strong attraction for these types of ants.

Once the ant control company has determined the source and the reasons for the infestation, then they can put a plan into place to effectively deal with the ants. Ant control is typically a process rather than something that happens overnight but with the right plan in place, your home can be free of and infestations quickly and efficiently.

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