Prompt, Attentive Treatment is Available at an Urgent Care Clinic in Kingwood

by | Jul 2, 2014 | Healthcare

When you are in need of medical care in a hurry, from a sprain, strain, asthma attack, broken bone, or other condition, an urgent care clinic can be just what you need. It’s a place where you can receive immediate attention from medical professionals at a cost that is dramatically lower than most hospital emergency rooms. That can be critical when you or a loved one is in pain or extreme discomfort, but an Urgent Care Clinic in Kingwood can serve other purposes, as well; they can fill the role of your primary care physician, provide physicals for school, work, or camp, offer drug screening services for employers, and even work with patients on a weight loss program.

The caring professionals at an urgent care clinic can provide services that some family physicians can’t, such as X-Rays, EKGs, and even DNA testing, which means that they are able to handle a full spectrum of health care for you and your family, in a convenient location, seven days a week. Once the doctors at the clinic have taken care of the immediate emergency, they can work with your physician to make certain you receive any follow-up care that you need. If it is required, they can also refer you to a specialist so you get the level of care you need. If you just have some questions you would like to direct at a doctor, the Urgent Care Clinic in Kingwood can see to it that you have the opportunity.

If you are experiencing a medical issue that won’t wait until your doctor can see you, or if you don’t yet have a physician, a well-equipped and staffed urgent care clinic can get you in quickly with no appointment necessary and will give you the kind of time and personal attention you just can’t get at a large hospital emergency room. Northeast Urgent Care Clinics and Deerbrook Family Clinic can handle sprains, lacerations, fractures, bruises, UTIs, and even colds and flu. The location is convenient, the pricing is considerably less than an E.R., even though you receive the same level of care and treatment, so keep them in mind the next time you have to deal with some of life’s little misadventures.

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