Proper Care and Cleaning of Garbage Disposals

As you know, your garbage disposal cab be a great convenience if it’s used correctly, but clogged drains can be a major inconvenience, especially if it causes your disposal to stop working. One of the most common reasons residents need to call for plumbing in Ann Arbor, MI is because of clogged drains that are difficult to unclog. There are many things you can do to prevent this from happening, such as using your garbage disposal frequently. Using it often prevents rust build-up from occurring which can keep food and rust flakes from accumulating and clogging the drain.

Other proactive steps to take to prevent garbage disposal drains from clogging include running cold water while using the disposal, and by cutting up larger pieces into smaller ones before grinding. Some tips that many people might not be privy to, however, include grinding foods to both clean and deodorize your sink. Experts in plumbing Ann Arbor, MI recommend grinding hard items occasionally such as small chicken and fish bones in order to scour the walls inside the disposal. You should also not be shy about grinding orange and lemon peels, which can leave your sink smelling citric.

On the negative side of the equation, there are many things that people do which they should not do when it comes to their garbage disposal, which cause many problems – the least of which is clogged drains – in their plumbing. Ann Arbor, MI plumbers have seen residents grind plastic bottles, paper, glass, cigarette butts, combustible items and more. This is bad news and will ruin your unit. If you pour grease into your sink, it can destroy the disposals ability to grind, as well as clog the drains. Foods with fibers or that can be sticky should be avoided, such as corn husks, celery and onions. Pasta and rice can expand in water and clog your sink. Coffee grounds can accumulate in the drain and cause minor plugs. Tough bones from beef or other animals can ruin your blades. 24/7 plumbing service Ann Arbor, MI offers maintenance and repair for your water distribution system, sewer or treasured fixtures.

Vegetarians who do not eat chicken or fish have alternatives for cleaning their garbage disposal. Ice can effectively sharpen your grinding blades as well as clean. The water from ice will also work as a solvent to break up grease that has accumulated in the chamber. Ice chips will also scour the hard-to-reach places inside your garbage disposal, and keep the walls clean. Using ice twice a month is an effective and extremely easy way to keep your garbage disposal clean and running well.

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