Property Management Companies: Better Tenants and Retention

by | Jun 26, 2013 | Real Estate

298017_lTo improve the quality of tenants and maintain cash-flow, property managers do their best to help investors choose the right tenants.  For some investors, owning a number of estates means being unable to devote their time to each property individually.  Hired managers pick up the slack and ensure the investor’s rental property is consistently filled with dependable, compliant tenants who can afford to make their monthly payments.  Good property management firms also encourage tenant retention by maintaining a professional, reliable presence and assisting renters with any maintenance problems they may have.  If you are an investor who is in the market for qualified property management companies, San Antonio specialists can help your investment reach its potential by utilizing years of management experience.

Choosing Wisely
To improve the chances that you will receive the highest rental revenue possible, investment managers require that each plausible tenant agrees to a thorough screening.  Generally, managers check for any indication that an individual may be unstable or a danger to other tenants.  Credit, employment, and criminal background screenings give property managers insight into how reliable this person will be as a tenant.  For example, if an individual’s employment screening showed they never held a job for more than two months, they probably would not be the best selection.  Tenants who have the means to pay the rent, a spotless record, and decent credit are usually the best candidates.

Retaining Quality Residents
After suitable tenants are selected, it is important to promote retention in as many ways as possible.  Property management companies San Antonio understand that keeping tenants satisfied is a necessity and offer services such as 24 hours daily emergency repairs and maintenance.  If renters think highly of management, they are more likely to reside on the property for a longer period of time.  Letting tenant issues fall by the wayside can lead to problems, even legal disputes.  Therefore, you can rest assured that, while your investment is in the hands of a professional, all necessary fixes will be completed.

If you own one or more single or multi-family homes or apartment complexes, contact Real Property Management for assistance.  They offer various services to clients and their tenants, including screenings and 24 hours daily emergency repair.

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