Protect Your Eyesight With Sunglasses In Wichita, KS

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Your eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of your body and need to be protected at all times. Did you know that the UV rays from the sun can damage different parts of your eyes. You should, at all times, protect your eyesight, so it is not harmed in any way from irritants such as dust, smoke, and even sunlight. To protect them when outdoors during daylight hours, you should always wear Sunglasses in Wichita, KS.

The sun gives off UV Rays, that can harm your skin. What most people do not realize is that those same rays can also cause damage to parts of your eyes. This damage can affect your vision both long term and short term. One such such eye injury involves the eye becoming red similar to sunburn. This is very uncomfortable with a burning or scratchy feeling. Over time, long term exposure to the sun without wearing Sunglasses in Wichita, KS can cause permanent damage such as cataracts and retina injury. While you can have surgery to reverse cataracts, injury to the retina is irreversible.

To protect your eyes when you are outside, you should always wear a hat with a brim to shade them and be sure to wear Sunglasses in Wichita, KS that offer UV protection. If you wear a hat with a wide brim, it will block out approximately half of the sun’s UV rays. With eye wear, you can have extra UV protection added to the glasses you wear daily if you need a prescription to see. This will cost a little extra when having your glasses ordered, but is it not better to spend a little more to have your eyes protected than to end up spending money down the line for surgery due to sun damage?

Most people do not understand, even if it is a cloudy day, you should wear Sunglasses in Wichita, KS to protect your vision. Though we cannot see the sun, the ultraviolet rays easily break through the clouds in the sky. At all times, you should take the same level of care with your eyes as you would any other part of your body. This would include yearly eye checkups in the same manner as you should get a physical each year.