Protecting Your Rights in a Bankruptcy in Aurora

While it may be possible to fill out much of your bankruptcy paperwork on your own, keep in mind that the bankruptcy laws became more stringent several years ago. There is now much more paperwork involved. While that also means that a Bankruptcy Aurora will cost more than it did ten years ago, you can’t underestimate the benefits of having legal representation. As the saying goes, he who represents himself has a fool for a client, and in the case of financial matters, where you may already be facing lawsuits from creditors, you can’t afford to go it alone.

A Bankruptcy Aurora may become quite complicated if there is a potential foreclosure involved, and if you have any investment accounts. You can be sure that your creditors have the benefit of high-powered law firms on their side, especially if your creditors include banks. Each state has its own list of bankruptcy exceptions, or items that you are allowed to keep in a bankruptcy. Your own attorney will help you to protect what assets your state allows you to keep, as well as act as a buffer for all further collection activity.

The attorney can’t file the bankruptcy paperwork with the court until you’ve paid the attorney in full, but bankruptcy attorney will allow you to start the paperwork process and arrange a payment schedule that you can handle, so that you at least have the peace of mind from knowing that you’re making steady progress and working toward a filing date. You won’t have to remain on your own, slowly saving up the money to pay the attorney before you can start the preliminary paperwork with his office. Just that alone can be a psychological boost to many clients.

When you have your free consultation with a bankruptcy lawyer, the lawyer will sit down and look at your individual situation. It may be that you might qualify for mortgage assistance or a loan modification program instead of having to file for bankruptcy. In either case, hiring an attorney ensures that you have someone who knows your state’s law and federal law and someone who will make sure your rights are protected during the process.