Purchasing Group Insurance for Your Small Business

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With federal legislation governing the enrollment of health insurance for US citizens, many people are struggling to find affordable options that provide the best coverage. Business owners who used to have a choice about providing coverage are now faced with locating the best comprehensive coverage for employees in order to avoid penalties. Anyone who has shopped for individual health coverage knows how expensive so-called affordable health insurance is in Massachusetts and other states. In fact, the average person often has trouble finding affordable comprehensive coverage for his or her family.

Shopping for Group Coverage

In the past, individuals could opt to go without insurance but now that option comes with penalties. The same is true for businesses of a certain size. The business must offer some form of health coverage to all employees to avoid penalties. For many Massachusetts business owners this isn’t a problem because the business was already supplying insurance, but for smaller business owners it can become a financial hardship. Knowing how to shop for affordable health insurance in Massachusetts is important to keeping costs low while providing the necessary coverage.

Begin by calling different insurance companies to compare plans and prices. A basic plan will cover medical expenses, while a comprehensive plan will cover dental and vision. You may also choose to work with an insurance broker who will do have all of the latest information on plans available in your part of the country. When choosing a provider, remember to take into consideration the cost of deductibles and copays for each plan to determine which plan is the best option.

Using a Consumer Service Agency

An alternative to the traditional insurance broker is a health care consumer advocate program that works to benefit the consumer and not the insurance companies. Brokers make money every time they sign up a new business, so your needs aren’t always a priority. A consumer service agency that specializes in working with individuals and small businesses to locate and provide affordable health insurance in Massachusetts will always prioritize your needs over the desires of the insurance agencies.

It’s important that you work with someone who understands the insurance industry and how the current new laws affect your business. To benefit your employees, try to find plans that are affordable for the income provided by your company.

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