Questions About Choosing Vinyl Siding In Colorado Springs

As you drive down the road, you’re probably seeing more and more houses with vinyl siding. This exterior material is available in a variety of colors, is very durable and easy to maintain. For more information, read the frequently asked questions below before you contact a Vinyl Siding Colorado Springs company to install your new siding.

Q.) What types of vinyl siding are available and is one kind better than the other?

A.) You can purchase regular or insulated vinyl siding for your home. Insulated siding is manufactured with a foam backing attached to each strip of vinyl. Insulated vinyl is more costly, but the insulating properties helps to keep your energy costs down. Other benefits of insulated siding include better resistance to damages such as hail and wind. This type of siding looks more even on your home after installation. Both types of insulation are a good value for your money; however, you’ll have to decide if the extra benefits of insulated vinyl are worth the extra cost.

Q.) I live down a gravel road and my house is always covered in dust and dirt. Is vinyl siding easy to clean and maintain?

A.) Dirt and dust can make the outside of your house look grimy, and lucky for homeowners who have vinyl siding, it’s easy to clean. You’ll need either a pressure washer or a water hose when cleaning your vinyl. After spraying down a section of your house with water, dip a long handled brush in a bucket of detergent and water, and then scrub each section before rinsing it off. If you notice any mold spots on your vinyl, scrub them with bleach water.

Q.) With so many beautiful color choices available, how can I choose which one to buy?

A.) Bring color swatches home with you and take your time when choosing a color. Factors that can help you decide include choosing the color that will best compliment your landscaping and style of house. If you’re adding shutters, purchase Vinyl Siding Colorado Springs house exterior that blends in with your shutters and door color.

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