Questions Parents Have About Adoption in Norman

Pregnant mothers to be who are not sure if they can keep their child may be considering Adoption Norman. However, with adoption comes so many questions. Although the mother may be unable to keep the baby herself, she may be terribly concerned about whether or not she will have a voice in choosing the family that will adopt her baby. The answer is that mothers to be do have a choice in deciding which family gets to adopt the child.

What the adoption agencies can really help a mother with is in screening the potential families who are seeking an Adoption Norman. This is an expensive and time-consuming process that is too extensive and too expensive for one individual to undertake in most cases, so the agency can take care of all the preliminary screening. Things that they look for in the background checks include whether the person or couple has a criminal background or has any history of committing child abuse.

Biological mothers and fathers may have concerns about whether the child will know anything about the birth parents after the Adoption Norman. One or both of the parents may want complete anonymity, while one or both of them may want the child to know about their background and know something about the biological parents. They even may be interested in having contact and occasional visits with the child even though the child is being raised by another family.

These are called open adoptions, and there are adoption agencies who do work with this kind of arrangement. Other than a closed adoption, in which no information is shared except as allowed by law, such as medical information, the biological parents and adoptive family may consider either a semi-open adoption or an open adoption. In a semi-open adoption, the birth parents are able to send letters to the child and include pictures, too, so the child knows what they look like. In an open adoption, birth parents not only get to send letters, but they get to visit with the child in person, so they child actually gets to know them while growing up.

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