Questions to Ask Catering Companies for Your Corporate Event

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It is important to know which questions you need to ask the catering companies that you are considering for your corporate event. You need to know not only what to ask, but also the answers that you need to hear in response.

Menu Options and Dietary Restrictions

The first question that you need to ask is about the caterers’ available menu options. You will also need to find out which catering companies are able to accommodate any guests that have special diet requirements, such as dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan and more.

Menu Themes

A corporate event does not always need a specialty menu. However, there is nothing better to reenergize everyone after a long conference or reward your team than a themed menu. For instance, you could include a bar where guest can make their own tacos.

Client Testimonials

Ask to speak with the current clients of the caterers you are considering, or read testimonials. The best catering companies are going to attract loyal clients that will be glad to speak to their potential clients. In addition, satisfied clients are going to take the time to leave rave reviews. Check online as well for reviews and ask the caterers for references before making the final decision for your Corporate Event in Orange County CA.

Equipment and Staff

You will want to find out if the caterers also provide servers, chairs, tables and additional equipment if you need it for your event. It is most likely your event will be located at a venue with everything you need. You may require additional equipment for a unique setup depending on the goal of your event.

The catering companies should be able to help you with such rentals. In some cases, you will be able to rent them directly from the caterer. This will eliminate the hassle of dealing with several different contacts and vendors.