Questions to Ask of a Criminal Lawyer in East Hartford

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Hopefully, the time will never come when you find yourself in need of a criminal attorney. If it does though, you need someone who thoroughly understands the law and will represent you fully in court. Calling on the attorney who represented you in your child custody case or the one who helped you when you purchased your house isn’t a smart move. How should you go about choosing a Criminal Lawyer in East Hartford and what questions should you be asking of a Criminal Lawyer in East Hartford before deciding? Here are a few which should never be overlooked.

1. What law school did you attend and when did you complete your schooling? This isn’t of great importance, but it gives you some background information on the attorney, which may help to make you feel more comfortable.

2. Do you continue to take classes to stay abreast of the law or do you take part in seminars, conferences and things of that nature? Laws are constantly changing and you want to ensure your attorney remains up to date with all aspects of the case. In addition, technology used in the case may change over time and you want to be sure he or she understands these changes and how they affect your case.

3. Has criminal law always been your focus or have you practiced other types of law? If so, how long have you been working as a criminal attorney? You need an experienced criminal attorney, one who handles this type of case on a regular basis.


4. Do you frequently have cases as the courthouse where I am being tried? Are you familiar with the staff and the judges that work in the courthouse? Judges and staff do differ in certain aspects and you want to be sure the attorney you choose feels comfortable with those in the courthouse and how they operate.
5. How often do you reach a plea agreement and how often does a case go to trial? Each case differs, but you want someone who understands the benefits of a plea agreement as well as the benefits of taking the case before your peers and when each should be used.

6. How many cases have you tried with similar charges? A DUI case is very different from a murder case so you want to choose an attorney who has experience with cases similar to yours.

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