Ready Mix Concrete in St. Joseph for Pavement Projects

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Concrete is used in residential and commercial applications for paved floors indoors or outdoors. Concrete is a combination of mortar, sand, silica sand, baby sand, and gravel. It can also include other elements like coloring, pea stone and limestone depending on the mix needed for a project. Ready Mix Concrete in St. Joseph allows for fast mixing and pouring for whatever project you doing. It is wise to have concrete contractors do the heavy lifting for the following projects. Visit website to see pictures of concrete installation and Ready Mix Concrete work in St. Joseph.


Most home owners have a driveway that leads to a spot beside the house, a carport, or a garage. The driveway endures a lot of stress and if you car leaks oil, fuel, or other automotive fluids, so it has to be tough. You can make it decorative by adding acid or concrete dies, by stamping a design on it, and by looking into coatings and sealants that protect the surface.


A set place to walk around your home helps keep people off your grass and provides a decorative and sophisticated element to your property. Your walkway can just go to your door, or extend all around your house like a pathway. Just like with driveways, you can use concrete stamping and dyes to create a decorative walkway. Even Ready Mix Concrete in St. Joseph can easily be delivered and used for your walkway project.

Garden Path

If you have constructed a garden space on your property, concrete pavement makes a good base. This can include flower, vegetable, rock, or other kind of garden where you enjoy relaxation or time with the family. A garden path can be elegant and decorative using concrete colors and stamp designs to create the look you want. You can create your garden path around the full garden, make it into a design, or keep it simple with one path through your garden area.

These are three of the projects you can build with concrete. Depending on your needs and desires, you can construct any kind of concrete surface to meet your property needs. Commercial businesses can also benefit from using ready mix concrete for various projects on their property to improve aesthetics just like home owners. Peterman Concrete St. Joseph has been catering to the area since 1982.