Reasons an HVAC System Will Freeze Up

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One of the main reasons homeowners need HVAC repair is due to a system freezing up. Sometimes the answer is obvious. Cold weather can cause ice to develop on the outdoor components, making the components freeze up. All there is to do in this situation is try to thaw out the components using a heat source, or wait it out and hope the ice does not damage your system. It’s always best to call your local repair center if your system becomes victim to a heavy icing so that a technician can tell you the best course of action to take to avoid needing repairs. There are also other less obvious reasons that can cause a system to freeze.

Refrigerant Leak

Your cooling system requires refrigerant to help cool the air that blows into your home. If the system has a leak due to a hole or crack, it can cause your system to freeze. When the technician arrives for HVAC repair, he or she will determine the location and cause of the leak to let you know if it’s easily repaired or if you will need to replace any components.

Defective Motor or Blower

If the motor blower operate ineffectively, it can cause your system to freeze. In some cases, you won’t realize there is a problem until the system freezes. This is because the blower may start up normally but slow down after a few minutes. It may also work perfectly one time and then not work at all the next time. Unless you’re watching your AC unit the entire time, you won’t know that you have a problem with your blower.

Dysfunctional Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil is the component responsible for transferring heat from inside to outside. When it’s dirty or damaged it operates inefficiently and freezes up. You may notice a decrease in airflow, check your unit, and notice that it’s covered in ice. If it’s the middle of summer, you’re going to wonder how this happened. The answer is most likely that your evaporate coils needs to be replaced. Once a technician performs HVAC repair on the coil, your system should operate normally. While most freezes do require the use of a technician, you can allow you’re your system to defrost by turning it off and not using it until a technician takes a look at it.