Reasons for Hiring a Company Who Handles AC Repair in Red Oak, TX

by | Mar 10, 2014 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Each year before the warm days of summer begin, homeowners should consider the condition of their air conditioning system. Most systems are designed to last 15 years or more. However, in order to do so they must be properly maintained on a regular basis by a qualified company who handles AC repair in Red Oak, TX. One of the best times to have this type of maintenance done can be in the weeks leading up to the start of summer.

Most air conditioning systems are split level in design. This means there is two separate units which work together to keep the home cool. Generally one unit is housed indoors in the attic, garage or crawl space. Another unit is often located near the house, outside in a yard or on a patio. Both of these units will need to be serviced during maintenance work.

One of the most important factors for a technician from a company, like Direct Service Company, will want to deal with is making sure both of these units are well cleaned. Both units tend to draw in a lot of dirt and other types of particles, which can cause the system to run ineffectively. In addition, dirty systems are more prone to breakdowns than those kept clean are.

The unit inside the home house the blower, evaporator and air filter. It is important for the technician from an AC repair in Red Oak, TX to spend some time vacuuming this system out. Vents or grilles on these units should also be cleaned to ensure no dirt is clogging the flow of air in the system. The air filter will need to be inspected and either cleaned or replaced if it is dirty. The homeowner should check the air filter regularly during the summer to ensure it is clean at all times. This can help improve the performance of the unit and keep energy costs lower.

The unit outside contains the condenser and compressor. Since this unit is out in the elements, it can also become very dirty. Large debris from trees, plants and other sources can collect in the housing of the unit. This should be removed. The coils on the unit can also become caked with dirt. They will need cleaning with water and coil cleaner. The fins should be brushed clean as well. This will ensure the flow of air is not blocked.

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