Reasons for Oral Surgery Harrisburg PA

by | Nov 22, 2013 | Dentist

There is a wide array of reasons that you may seek a dentist’s care for Oral Surgery Harrisburg PA. It can be as simple as the removal of your wisdom teeth, to complicated temporomandibular joint disorders. It is important to understand what oral problems can be solved by surgical procedures, so that you are able to consult a dental professional right away.

Wisdom teeth, which are also third molars, are the last teeth that develop. There are many cases when these teeth do not emerge or grow properly, causing issues. They can be misaligned with your other teeth, which can cause them to become impacted. If this occurs, you will also likely experience severe pain and swelling, in addition to an infection of the surrounding gum tissue. This problem will only become worse if the problem is left untreated. If the problem continues to persist, it can lead to permanent damage of your other teeth, gums and your jawbone. In some extreme cases, tumors or cysts form in the area that is infected, which is why it is important to seek Oral Surgery Harrisburg PA for any cases of problems with your wisdom teeth.

Another issue where oral surgery may be required is in tooth loss situations. When you have missing teeth, it can cause both functional and aesthetic issues for you. The tooth loss may be caused by infection, decay or even an accident and in most cases it is a problem that can be solved with surgery. The most common type of surgery for the issue of missing teeth is a dental implant. The implant will replace the root of your tooth and anchored to your jawbone. A dental implant will then replace the missing tooth with a crown to restore function in your mouth. In order to be eligible for a dental implant it is important that you have the proper amount of bone density in your jaw; otherwise the implant will not work.

Oral surgery can ensure that your mouth is healthy and pain free. Talk to your dentist to determine if you need any type of oral surgery.

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