Reasons Seeing a Port Orange, FL Orthodontist for Less Obtrusive Braces Can Be Wise for Working Adults

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Many times when an adult needs braces, they can find it difficult to wear the typical metal braces most Port Orange, FL Orthodontist practices offer to their patients. In such situations, it may be necessary for them to consider other types of braces made of materials, which are clear or less noticeable. This can often make it easier for them to wear the braces without having them interfere with their daily activities.

Most times a person who needs braces will be able to have them placed on their teeth while they are still young and in school. While metal braces can be distracting for some people regardless of their age, for a young person it can often be something they can deal with. However, adults who are working may find the distraction of metal braces unacceptable. Metal braces may give them an unprofessional look and hurt their effectiveness. This can make it wise for them to consider using less obtrusive types of braces.

One of the best braces a Port Orange, FL Orthodontist may recommend to such a patient are braces made of clear materials. These braces can still be seen, but they are not quite as noticeable due to the transparent material they are made from.

Some people may also benefit from using lingual braces. These braces may still be metal, but they are placed on the underside of the patient’s teeth where they will not be seen very easily. These braces will still accomplish the straightening work in the same way as other braces can. The process will just be done in a way so it is not seen by those who come in contact with the person.

Another option many orthodontists at a dental practice, like Beville Dental Care, may suggest are using clear plastic trays to straighten the patient’s teeth. With this treatment, the patient will be custom fitted for a plastic tray slightly different in shape from the patient’s teeth. This tray will gently move the teeth into the proper alignment. Once this is achieved, the dentist will create a new tray, to move the teeth a bit more. This process will continue until the teeth are in proper placement. With this type of treatment, the trays are clear and difficult to see. They can also be removed for brief periods of time if needed. This can make them a great option.