Reasons That a Dentist May Recommend That You Get Your Tooth Extracted

Generally speaking, it is best for you to keep your natural teeth. If you get a tooth extracted, then it can cause problems with your other teeth. You will also need to get the missing tooth replaced. However, there are several cases where a tooth extraction in Plano may be the best option for you.

Tooth Decay Has Caused Irreversible Damage

A cavity can usually be corrected with a filling. However, if the tooth decay is severe, then it will likely affect the pulp. The pulp may become infected. If the pulp gets infected, then extraction may be the best option.

Your Tooth Is Loose

A loose tooth can often be saved. However, if it cannot be saved, then it will need to be extracted. Gum disease can loosen teeth. If you have gum disease, then your tooth may need to be surgically extracted.

Impacted Tooth

A tooth becomes impacted when it does not properly erupt through the gums. Wisdom teeth are often impacted. An extraction may be necessary in order to prevent the tooth from damaging the other teeth.

Tooth Crowding

There are several things that can cause tooth crowding. Teeth are typically crowded as the result of injury or genetics. If you have crowded teeth, then they will likely need to be pulled. You may also need to get orthodontic treatment after you get the teeth extracted.

Car Accident

If you get into a car accident and hurt your teeth, then the dentist will do everything that they can to save your teeth. Veneers, crowns and dental bonding can protect your teeth. However, if the damage is severe, then you will need to get the tooth pulled.

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