Reasons to Hire a Traffic Violation Lawyer For Citations In Rockford, IL

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One of the most common mistakes drivers make when issued a traffic ticket in the Village of Rockford, IL is assuming it is only a minor issue. Law enforcement officers stopping drivers in this area can issue a petty, misdemeanor, or a felony type of traffic ticket depending on the specific circumstances at the time of the citation.

All types of traffic citations issued in Rockford, IL are heard in the Winnebago County Circuit Court-17th Judicial Circuit Courthouse. Not all tickets issued require a court appearance. It is possible to contest the ticket on the specific days the court hears traffic citations.

Hiring a traffic violation lawyer in Rockford, IL, particularly for more serious traffic citations or if you have multiple tickets on your driving record, should be a top priority. These specialized attorneys can be instrumental in reducing the charges, limiting the fines, and reducing any possible impact on your driving record.

Seasoned Advice

Unfortunately, many drivers with traffic citations in the area now turn to the internet for their legal advice. Blogs, articles and even “expert legal support” online are not always accurate or even relevant to Illinois law.

Trying to contest a traffic ticket requires an understanding of the law and the protocols and procedures required under the law. Incorrect information can limit your ability to prove your case. A traffic violation lawyer has the necessary experience and knowledge to have the charges dismissed or reduced, if possible.

Impact of a Ticket

Your traffic violation lawyer also explains the consequences of the various types of traffic violations. A driver can lose his or her driving privileges, either through a suspension or revocation of the driver’s license, or a range of different types of citations. Depending on your job, these tickets on your driving record can cause the loss of a job

Many types of traffic tickets also impact insurance rates for drivers. Even minor speeding misdemeanor tickets can result in an increase in insurance rates. Working with a traffic violation attorney helps to reduce the potential impact of tickets on your driving record.

At Crosby Law Firm, we offer an experienced traffic violation lawyer for those with traffic citations in Rockford, IL and the surrounding areas.