Reasons to Hire a Tree Service in Spokane for Pruning

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Not only does tree pruning improve the overall look and feel of the home, but it may also increase its value as well. An unhealthy-looking tree detracts from the home’s appearance, but a well-maintained one will make a homeowner the envy of the neighborhood. Consider hiring a Tree Service in Spokane to help with tree pruning and maintenance for the reasons listed below.

Beautifying the Yard

As mentioned before, pruning affects a tree’s appearance. By removing dead limbs and overgrown sections, it’s possible to give a tree an entirely new look. As for people, proper grooming is beneficial to a tree. This is particularly important for those trees that have been planted solely for aesthetic reasons.

Helping Trees Grow

Trees are better able to withstand harsh climates when they’ve been pruned. When a tree expert uses the right techniques, they make a tree’s roots stronger, which helps the tree stay stronger in high winds. Furthermore, proper pruning helps new branches grow.

Encouraging Fruit Production

Fruit-bearing trees benefit from pruning. By taking away dead branches, property owners promote better tree health, as dead wood makes trees more vulnerable to disease and pest infestation. Additionally, pruning fruit trees encourages spur growth, and fruit will grow in those spots the next year.

Removing Dangerous Branches

This is by far the most important reason to hire a Tree Service in Spokane. Dead branches fall easily during storms and on windy days, but they may fall at any time. If there’s a cracked or decayed branch, or there’s one hanging over the roof or a power line, it’s time to have it pruned away.

Treating Disease

Just like people, trees get diseases. With proper pruning, though, these diseases can be prevented from spreading. Good tree care doesn’t just prevent disease, it treats it as well.

For a Better View

View pruning describes that which is done to enhance the view of a lake, valley, or other natural formation. Hiring someone to view prune a tree involves the removal of branches and trees that obstruct the view of these natural wonders.

As shown here, there are many reasons to hire a tree service for pruning purposes. Contact Spokane Pro Care for advice or to schedule a consultation with a certified arborist.