Reasons Why People Seek Re-piping in Lakeland, FL

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There are several different reasons why people seek to have their house re-piped. Sometimes it is a precaution measure to prevent future problems from occurring, while other times re-piping needs to be done in an effort to correct a problem. Regardless of the reason for needing re-piping done, and regardless of the size of the project, it’s important to call in a Repipe Lakeland FL specialist to properly complete the project.

One precautionary measure some homeowner’s take is re-piping their house once it becomes 20 to 30 years old. A sign that the piping system is beginning to deteriorate is water pressure that gradually reduces. Another symptom of a failing piping system is radical changes in water temperature. A very tell-tale sign is when a shower and toilet are being used at the same time, and an individual flushes the toilet and it causes the shower temperature to drop. Drastic water temperature changes and reduced water pressure are both caused by corrosion and debris buildup inside of galvanized piping.

Unfortunately, sometimes there aren’t any warning signs of a failing piping system occurring. Homes that were built in the 70’s, 80’s, and even sometimes the 90’s might have polybutylene water piping (gray, plastic piping). Oxidants in water supplies have been known to react with polybutylene piping and acetyl fittings. This causes the piping to scale and/or flake with the affect being the piping becoming weak. Once this type of piping becomes weak tiny fractures throughout the piping occur, which ultimately leads to the pipes bursting and causing water damage throughout the property.

Regardless of the reason for a homeowner seeking assistance with their re-piping needs, it is essential to seek the help of a professional. Repipe Lakeland FL services offer excellent customer service that can make even the most stressful situation easy for customers. Re-piping services are done in a timely fashion, at a reasonable price, and homeowner’s are always given the knowledge of what the project entails. When working with a reputable re-piping company, a homeowner can be assured that all of their needs will be met and they will have a satisfactory business transaction.