Reasons You Need Dentures in Crestwood KY and How This Procedure is Carried Out

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Previously, tooth loss was viewed as a problem that was for the aged people. However, nowadays, you will be shocked to learn about the age at which people are losing their permanent teeth. Some of the common causes of complete tooth loss include gum diseases, tooth decay and trauma to the head. If you have suffered tooth loss, it is possible to get a set of teeth as a replacement to help you smile comfortably and chew food. Here is what you need to know about getting Dentures in Crestwood KY.

Determining if you need dentures

To determine whether you need dentures or if another solution will be better for you, you will have to go for a dental checkup. Dentures work best when you have lost more than one adjacent teeth. In case you have suffered major tooth loss but still have a few teeth remaining, the dentist might recommend extraction. This means that you have to be absolutely certain that you want dentures.

The reasons you need dentures

* They will help in maintaining the shape of the face especially the lower jaw.

* Prevent changes in the bite. Teeth tend to move when there is a gap and getting dentures prevents this from happening.

* Reduce the pressure on other teeth and reduce the chances of getting jaw problems.

* For proper speech

The procedure

The first visit to the dentist involves inspecting the gums, the teeth and the mouth in general. The dentist will determine if dentures are ideal for you. They will then make an impression of your teeth to make sure that the dentures are made to fit your mouth. The impressions will be sent to the lab, and your dentures will be made. During the next visit, the dentist will fit the dentures in your mouth. They will make sure that the dentures fit and that there is no discomfort.

After the fitting, you will only have to learn how to clean the teeth and maintain your oral hygiene. It is important to get a competent dentist to make you Dentures in Crestwood KY. This will reduce the chances of getting complications. If you need dentures and don’t know where to start, click to find more info.