Reconfiguring Your Processes May Require A New Predominant Use Study

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In manufacturing, fabrication, food and beverage processing, and even mining, recycling, and data centers, reconfiguring your processes can directly impact your existing predominant use study. Businesses in Pennsylvania that have a current study should consider having a new study completed to take advantage of any additional utilities sales tax savings that may be available.

The Factors to Consider

Each predominant use study is completed based on the measured use of utilities at each meter. This includes electric and natural gas meters on the property. In cases where the company has multiple locations across the state or throughout states that use utilities studies, the company will need to have a separate report for each location.

In the state of Pennsylvania, the utilities sales tax refund is equivalent to the percentage of qualifying processes using the utilities on the meter. The higher the number of exempt processes, the greater the sales utilities tax reduction on that meter.

When processes change, the percentage of exempt and non-exempt use is very likely to change. By completing a new predominant use study, your business can take advantage of any increase in the percentage of exempt use for the future.

Businesses in the state that have not had an initial utility analysis and are planning a reconfiguration, upgrade, or expansion of their process or production lines should talk to a company offering utility analysis to plan the study at the optimal time to maximize the use of the report.

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