Reduce Heating and Cooling Costs with Weather Sealed Windows

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Most homeowners would be glad to save money on heating and cooling their home, and surprisingly its not hard. The windows of a home are one of the worst insulated areas. Windows leak in cold air during winter, and let out cool air during the summer. If the windows of a home aren’t UV treated they allow the sun to create hot-spots, making it difficult to maintain a constant temperature. Older Windows Indianapolis IN homeowners depend on to keep the elements outside are especially vulnerable. As the elements wear on windows they destroy the insulation and create gaps along the frame. Old battered windows could be letting in more than the weather, insects and water could be making there way in.

Replacing older windows with modern ones could save a homeowner hundreds of dollars per year in heating and cooling costs. Pests would find it impossible to enter through a well sealed window, and rain would stay on the outside. Newer windows can be treated to block out harmful UV rays that cause damage to wallpaper, paint, and flooring. Hotspots can also be reduced with UV treatment, further reducing cooling costs. Most homeowners save hundreds of dollars each year by installing new windows, meaning that eventually the windows will pay for themselves in energy costs. There’s nothing better than an investment that pays for itself. After a few years of use those windows could also contribute to other investment in a home such as new appliances or window treatments.

A home doesn’t have to be old for the windows to be drafty. Even newer homes could have poorly installed windows, or damage to windows from the elements. The winter months can take quite a toll on a home, and the windows are no exception. Replacing windows might not be a priority to some homeowners, but it should be. Professionals such as those found at can help homeowners find the best windows fro their home, and help them start saving money on heating and cooling costs each year. Choosing the right windows is just as important as having well insulated windows. Some window models incorporate different technology to help homeowners save.

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