Referring a Top Quality Vet of Antioch

If you or a friend or relative with a pet that needs treatment, surgery or just a regular check-up, there are many qualified vets in the Antioch area. Most have been in the profession for years and can give your pet the care it needs; if you want to refer a vet to your friend or family member, here are a few things you should keep in mind.

Years in the Business
How many years has the vet been providing services? If he/she has only been helping animals for one or two years, he/she may not be able to give your friend’s pet the absolute best care. Also, if the person’s pet has a specific need or disease, such as dementia, you will need to make sure that the professional has had at least five years of experience dealing with similar cases in order to treat the person’s pet accordingly. However, if your friend just needs a vet to perform a routine check-up or recommend a diet for a sensitive stomach, it’s a safe bet to refer your friend to a vet that has been in service for only a few years. Make sure to provide your friend or family member with the right information that corresponds to their animal’s specific needs.

Your friend or family member may prefer a vet with a specific personality. If he/she feels more comfortable with someone who is laid-back, funny or easy-going, try to recommend a vet that you know who has similar personality traits. If he/she wants to go to someone who is more serious and by the book, maybe you have been to someone like this and can recommend a vet to your friend or family member. The pet owner wants to feel at ease in the vet’s company, and wants his/her pet to feel comfortable as well. Help them choose someone who they would get along with and who would be able to bond with them and their pets in a long-term relationship.

Someone You Know
Typically when referring a vet to a friend, it should be someone that you know well and trust. If you have had positive experiences with several vets in the area, you can recommend all of them and then let your friends or family members decide on one. Or, you can try to narrow it down to your favorite vet, and tell them why you chose this person. Either way, it should be someone that you have had a lot of experience with so that you can make sure to refer your friends to someone they can feel comfortable with. In pet care, finding a vet who puts your friend’s animal companion first is vital to their happiness with future vet visits. For more information you can visit The Ark Pet Hospital or you can watch videos on Youtube.