Regular Roof Inspections Will Let You Know When to Call a Louisville Professional Roofing Company

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To keep your roofing system in good working condition, it’s a good idea to inspect your roofing system on a regular basis. The National Roofing Contractors Association recommends doing this twice a year. Conducting this task in the spring and fall will allow you to do it when the weather conditions are more favorable. Some roofing defects are obvious such as when a roof leaks or shingles fall off a roof. However, other flaws are not as evident. Undertaking this inspection of your roof will let you find any signs of wear and tear.

The number one priority when inspecting a roofing system is safety. Do not perform this task when it’s snowing or raining. You will need binoculars, a sturdy ladder if you intend to access your rooftop, and a flashlight with a high-intense beam. If possible, use safety equipment such as a work positioning harness, webbing, and lifeline placement tools. You can rent or purchase these items from a local retail store or a Louisville Professional Roofing Company. Having another person inspect your home with you will enable you to have an extra set of eyes to look for roofing problems.

To start your inspection, stand outside your home and view the top of your roofing system through binoculars. Many people prefer to access the rooftop to get a better view of it. Some of the signs of a deterioration rooftop include loose or missing shingles and excess granules. Shingles that are buckling, cracked, or torn also indicate problems in a roofing system. The shingles should form straight lines to form a protective barrier for the underside of the roofing and the interior of the home. In addition, view the gutters to check for blockages, rusting, and decay.

Next, you will need to heat up to your attic to investigate the underside of your roofing system. Starting on one side of the attic, shine the flashlight in straight lines until the total attic is viewed. This will keep you from missing any areas. Look for light shining through the roof and dark spots on the underside of the roofing. These are indicators of leaks in the roofing system. After you have made an assessment of the general condition of your roof, you can decide whether to fix it yourself or call a Louisville Professional Roofing Company to do the job for you.