Relieve Accidental Mouth Injuries with an Emergency Dentist in South Bound Brook

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Dental injuries, either to the gums, teeth, or jaw, are rarely foreseen. They can be the result of a barroom brawl, a fall on the court, or anything in between. Common dental emergencies include acute toothaches, a broken tooth, a knocked out tooth, a bleeding tongue or lip, or a lost filling. This list of dental emergencies is by no means extensive. However, anyone with these injuries must see a dentist as soon as possible to avoid permanent or extensive secondary damage.

After the accident occurred and before calling an emergency dentist in South Bound Brook, try to ease the pain and bleeding of the accident. Never use hot or warm compresses as they will only make the pain worse. The best way to handle pain is to use an ice pack. For a knocked out, adult tooth, try to place it in its socket, but only if it is clean. If the tooth is dirty or if it could be swallowed, place it in a glass of cold milk and bring it to the dentist within ten minutes. If the victim’s mouth is bleeding, use an ice pack to reduce swelling and apply pressure to the bleeding part to encourage it to stop. In the case of a lost filling, use softened sugarless gum in place of the filling to prevent contamination and bacteria from entering and affecting the nerve.

After putting these measures in place, call an emergency dentist in South Bound Brook. If the line is busy, do not be afraid to drive to the office for immediate care. Same day service is available for all dental emergencies. If the broken tooth cannot be saved, there are other options. Cosmetic dentistry helps restore the patient’s smile through veneers and bonding. Do not be afraid to ask an emergency dentist in South Bound Brook about tooth restoration, especially if the missing tooth is in the front of one’s mouth.

Most emergency dentists in the South Bound Brook area accept a variety of insurance plans and offer discounts for certain circumstances. Cosmetic procedures will require a checkup and a few follow up procedures before completion, but one’s teeth will look better than before.