Replacing Residential Roofing in St. Paul

Homeowners always wish their roof will last forever but all roofs need replacing eventually. The only question is when not if. For homeowners who want to make their roofing last as many years as possible, maintenance is the solution. Have older roofs inspected and repaired as needed. After every storm, walk around the house looking up at the roof to check for damage. Have any damage repaired promptly. If a roof is leaking, hire a roofer to find the source of the leak and repair it. When it is time to replace the roof, choose a specialist in residential roofing in St Paul.

Keeping A Roof As Long As Possible

A homeowner can keep their roof as long as possible before replacing it by using periodic maintenance. Have older roofs inspected by a professional roofing contractor after bad weather and perhaps once a year. The homeowner can do a pre-inspection by walking around the home to check the roof for obvious signs of wear and damage such as missing or torn shingles, missing grit, loose flashing material around chimneys, and other defects. Asphalt shingles can dry out and crack as they get older or sun damaged.

The sand-like grit that protects shingles can be worn off by years of rain, snow, and wind. Once this protective layer is gone, the roof will fail. If shingles begin to curl at the edges or become brittle with broken edges, it is time to start planning on a new roof. When a roofing repair service is used to repair roofs as needed, they can last longer and give the homeowner time to save money for a new roof.

The New Roof

When is it time to replace a roof? Determine if a roof can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced by calling a specialist in Residential Roofing in St Paul. Companies such as Builders & Remodelers Inc. can inspect the roof and let the homeowner know when it is time to replace it. Then the same company can help the homeowner choose a new roofing material and give them a free bid for materials and installation. New roofing is costly but it adds to the value and the saleability of a home. New roofing protects the interior of the home and may be more energy efficient than the old roof was. Go to the website for more information about us.