Retaining Walls In Santa Ynez Valley Allow Sloped Driveways to Be Paved

by | May 7, 2013 | Home & Garden

If you have an uneven driveway and want to have the area paved, you may need to get it leveled and have a retaining wall built on the side to keep the area level. There are many different types of Retaining Walls In Santa Ynez Valley that can be used to level an area out. You can choose to use a wall that has a decorative face or one that is only functional. You should hire a professional to install the retaining wall for you, because you want to be sure that it’s strong and durable. If you install it yourself, there’s a chance that something could be done wrong. This could lead to the wall not being as strong as it needs to be to keep the pavement level.

When meeting with the contractor, discuss the size of the area you envision the wall retaining. You need to be sure that you provide ample area for your cars to park, but don’t want to cut into your yard too much. You also want to be sure of the height of the wall. Eyeballing the height will not work. The contractor should take measurements to ensure that the end result will be level. If the professional doesn’t take the time to take measurements before giving you a quote, you shouldn’t work with that contractor.
He or she should also be able to tell you if anchored walls are needed or if they can be freestanding. Depending on where your home is located, anchored Retaining Walls may be required to keep the wall in place. Earthquakes and high winds can cause Retaining Walls In Santa Ynez Valley to fall and if your home is subjected to either, anchored walls may be needed.

A great contractor will also test the ground, where the wall is set to be built to determine if any shrink swell is occurring. Shrink swell occurs when the ground isn’t as strong as it needs to be and structures sink into it overtime. If the area has shrink swell issues, there are things that can be done to give the wall additional strength to ensure that it doesn’t fall apart within a year or two.

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