Revive Your Landscape with Bednar Landscape Services

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Everyone wants to dress up and improve their landscape at one time or another. Some yards begin to look bedraggled or just plain unhealthy. Others want to spruce their landscapes or change what decorations they have already. There are so many ways to approach a new yard design. For instance, adding gravel, sand, or cement blocks to make pathways is just one way to spice it up. Others put in furniture, patios, and plant bushes and flowers. Whatever is the original idea, hiring a landscape artist can help immensely. These professionals have an intuitive eye to what will look best in any yard whether it is small or large.

One of the landscapers in Mendham, NJ, is Bednar Landscape Services. This company offers hardscaping, landscape design, property maintenance, and outdoor lighting, to name just a few major categories. In each category there are distinct services. Hardscaping adds a sophisticated element to any landscape and refers to natural rock walls, stone facing, brick paved walks, and natural stone steps, among others. Hardscaping is differentiated from soft-scaping, which is usually known as landscape design and refers to planting. In the landscape design category, professionals can create colorful gardens that bloom year-round, grade and excavate the yard to enhance visual appeal, and install a pool, if so desired. Outdoor lighting falls under this landscape design category. In the proper maintenance category, there are services such as maintaining the turf, caring for trees and shrubs, and fertilizing all plants, trees, and bushes. Inquire about the pesticide program that Bednar Landscape Services offers if pesky insects are eating away at the gorgeous design in the backyard.

For commercial businesses, this company offers snow removal where it clears the parking lot and any sidewalks leading to the building. Besides offering this service to businesses, it is also offered to condominium and townhouses the area. Salt or other melting products can be ministered to the walkways to give enough traction for people’s safety and comfort when walking down the slippery paths. Shopping centers and shopping malls are also included under the commercial heading for such a service. This business provides free estimates for any project and is accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Check out their page on the BBB and decide if this company is right for the project in mind. Click here for more information.

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