Roof Repair in Nashville or Roof Replacement

Roof replacement is expensive, as are a few other items in home upkeep. However, if a roofrepair in Nashville will solve the problem, it is often unnecessary to do a total roof replacement. So how do you know when the existing roof can give you some more years of service or if you are doing your home a disservice by continuing to use a faulty roof?

Roof Assessment

A roof repair in Nashville may resolve one leak over the dining room, but if it a really old roof or perhaps has had previous damage to it, there may be other places that have been compromised and water is leaking into the walls or sheetrock. If that is happening and you are unaware, you are looking at future mold. When your roof repairman does a spot assessment, he should be able to tell if the roof is wearing out, a weak spot has developed in one area of the roof or simply based on the age of the roof. A thorough assessment of the entire roof should make it evident if it is time for the replacement. If you do not feel comfortable with one assessment, get a second opinion.

Counting the Cost

Roof repair in Nashville can be costly, but re-roofing can be anywhere from $15,000 to the high-end type materials, which would be $35,000 and above. When you are counting the cost, however, consider the cost of additional repairs to the house if you make a repair only and leaks keep popping up. You could be looking at more repair costs than the price of a new roof. Water damage can get out of control quickly and turn into mold problems that amount to serious issues.

Environmentally Friendly to Save Money

In the world today, the surge to be environmentally safe and engage in environmentally wise decisions means it might all pay off to invest in a new roof now and take advantage of the federal tax credits to offset some of your costs.

A roof repair in Nashville can easily change into a roof replacement. For a roof that is approximately 3,000 square feet, it will deplete your bank account about $21,000. However, remember that when you sell it, you can recoup about 60 percent of that cost. Any solar equipment you upgrade to can also bring you federal energy tax credits of up to 80 percent of the cost.

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