Save a Life with Lifepak Express AEDs

First response times are very important when it comes to treating a victim suffering from cardiac arrest. It is important to have equipment that is reliable, compact, and up to date. The Lifepak Express was created with this thought in mind. In an emergency situation, response time is vital. When you have an AED at your disposal, your chances of saving lives is greater. You want the same technology that is used by professionals in the medical industry at prices that are affordable. The Lifepak Express comes pre-programmed with ClearVoice prompts and artifact detection that leads you through all of the necessary steps to help save lives.

Automatic Response Times Increase with the Use of AEDs
When cardiac arrest victims first experience pain and alert those around them, it is imperative that response times are rapid. With an AED system, care can be offered by bystanders and emergency professionals that have access to this type of equipment. It is helpful if you have knowledge about an AED system, but it isn’t necessary as long as you stay calm and follow the directions. A typical AED system has electrode pads that easily transfer to larger defibrillators that are used by EMS professionals. These pads also come preassembled to the AED, so there is one less step to process in the event of an emergency. Pediatric pads are available as well, and they should always be used on children if they are available. These products really do save lives, and they are extremely affordable.

Simple AED Systems Have Simple Maintenance
An AED system needs maintenance like any other electronic device. In some cases an AED system can have multiple expiration dates. The Lifepak Express has one expiration date that alerts you when different components need to be replaced. This makes this AED system more reliable to use. A status indicator will alert you when a part of the machine needs to be replaced by performing a self-test on a regular basis. With a glance, you will be able to tell if the AED device is in good operating condition. Whether you are a trained professional, or you have never touched a defibrillator device before, AED systems are simple to use, and you will have peace of mind in knowing that one is nearby.

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