Save Money by Switching to LED Bulbs for Your Commercial Outdoor Lighting Needs

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Commercial outdoor lighting can run up huge electricity bills thanks to the brightness that is usually required. Many attempts have been made to lower its energy usage, but until recently, cost savings were negligible. Even high intensity discharge sodium lighting is quite costly when there are several parking lot lights involved and they’re left blazing most or all of the night.

Recent improvements in lighting technology have finally changed what was once an immutable fact. Thanks to LED lights, it’s possible to get huge amounts of brightness from low-wattage bulbs. This is true whether the LEDs are in small interior systems or huge outdoor ones. Of course, the brightest LEDs still use more wattage than the dim ones, but they are shockingly efficient compared to alternatives like incandescent bulbs, sodium lamps, and other high-intensity options.

Good parking lot lighting systems don’t stop with the bulbs. They also involve durable fixtures that are immune to any expected storms, won’t corrode, and resist vandalism. Fortunately, providers of bulbs like LED Lighting Shop in Kansas City offer complete systems so that you won’t have to worry about your lights being damaged by either the weather or people.

Parking lots aren’t the only places where commercial outdoor lighting is needed. You should also use LED lights for your walkways, enclosed parking garages, and to increase security behind your building. By using LED bulbs everywhere you need illumination, you’ll see great savings on your power bill.

Another good thing about using LEDs for commercial lighting is how long the bulbs last. A parking garage light bulb using this technology can run for between 50,000 and 100,000 hours. This will save you money in maintenance costs and future bulb replacements.

One thing to keep in mind is that LED light is whiter than most other forms of illumination. It’s definitely whiter and brighter than sodium-based lights, which run with a yellowish hue thanks to the nature of the sodium itself. Therefore, you may find that you don’t need the bulbs to be as powerful as your old ones. Ask your lighting supplier for tips to choose the right illumination intensities to replace other bulb types so that you get the desired effect on the first try. Visit the site for more information.