Saving Money on Wholesale Tires in Missouri

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The top popular tire brands include Good Year, Firestone, General Tire, and Cooper tires. Other quality brands include Pro Comp, Yokohama, Hankook, Sumitoma, Cordovan, GPX, Mickey Thompson, and Multi-Mile. Pricing is one of the primary factors to most vehicle owners, so wholesale options make it easier for you to get a higher quality tire at less than high quality prices.

Every vehicle needs tires in order to drive them on the roadways. This makes buying new tires an inevitable factor for automobile owners. The cost of tires can be cumbersome for most people struggling to live from payday to payday. Wholesale Tires in Missouri is a good solution for buying new tires for your vehicle without seriously affecting your household budget. The following will discuss some tire brands and how to choose the right size tire for your vehicle.

The first factor to consider when choosing tires for your vehicle is the type of tire you need. The main categories of tires include the following.

*   Passenger summer, all-season, or winter/snow
  Track and competition DOT
*   Light truck and SUV standard, all-season, off-road, and winter/snow

Choosing the type of tire is determined by where you live, how you use your vehicle, the type of vehicle you drive, the time of year, weather, and what you expect from a tire. Passenger tires are designed for comfort and handling, track and competition tires are designed for sports cars and truck and SUV tires are designed for those vehicles.

Tire size is chosen according to the size that will fit your vehicle. The numbers on the side of the tire represent the width, aspect ratio, construction, diameter, and load index. For example, 205/55R16 91H is a passenger tire. 205 is the width, 55 is the aspect ration, R, for radial, is the internal construction, 16 is the wheel diameter, and 91H is the service description that has nothing to do with the size.

Tire brands are comparable in quality and performance, so the hardest part of choosing a brand will be if they have the size and type of tire you need in stock. These are the basics of shopping for Wholesale Tires in Missouri. Have your tire type and size ready so you can quickly locate the right tires for your needs. Ben Tire Distributors offers you top brands at competitive prices. Consider this supplier when you need tires.