Scrap Iron in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Are you looking for a good Scrap iron Philadelphia yard? Look no further than S. D. Richman Sons. They handle Scrap iron Philadelphia, aluminum, copper, brass, stainless steel and nickel alloys. Located on twenty acres of land, Richman Sons operates one of the largest scrap yards in the state. Due to their size, they are able to buy scrap metal from trucks and railways as well as get you in and out quickly. As one of the pioneers of the scrap metal industry, they have the experience, knowledge, and longevity to handle any scrap metal need.

Their commitment to environmental safety is unsurpassed. They comply with all local, state and federal requirements – often going above and beyond the rules set down by law. They have innovating solutions for their customers’ recycling needs. All scrap metals are transported in as environmentally friendly way as possible. Their knowledgeable staff can answer any questions you have about the safety and environmental impact of scrap metal.

Scrap metal often comes from tearing down buildings. The metal that supported the building has to go somewhere. Most of the time it is loaded onto trucks and sold to a Scrap iron Philadelphia yard. The trucks are loaded carefully to make sure the scrap metal does not shift causing the possibility of the truck losing the load onto the ground during traffic. If the pieces are extremely long – longer than the bed of the truck – a red flag is tied to the longest piece to give other drivers a sense of depth perception as to how far back they need to stay to remain safe. Sometimes the trucks take the scrap metal to a railway location and load it onto freight cars to travel to the scrap metal location by railway.

Putting your Scrap iron Philadelphia into recycling is good for the environment. Scrap iron operations can melt down the iron, aluminum, copper, brass, stainless steel and nickel alloys to create new products for building and consumers. This helps the environment in several ways. First, it reduces landfills which are eye sores. Second, it reduces the necessity for a lot of metals by providing recycled metals. Third, it reduces waste products. Scrap iron businesses are good for the economy and good for the environment.