Searching for Different Types of Flooring in New York

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Installing a new floor in your residential or commercial space is a significant undertaking. Unlike changing décor or furniture, a new floor is something that will be a part of the overall look for a considerably longer period of time, that is, if you choose the right type of flooring for your needs. With so many different types of flooring in New York, you should consider the area which you want covered and other factors before deciding on a material.

Hard Wood

Hard wood floors are very desirable in residential spaces. Any person remodeling a home can tell you that there is no other feeling quite like tearing up a carpet and finding a beautiful hard wood floor underneath. This type of floor is long lasting and resistant to a lot of wear. Even if care is neglected for a time, it can always be refinished. Depending on the type of wood used, it may be prone to denting and may expand or warp with age.

Ceramic Tile

Since tile floors are water and stain resistant, they can often be found in the kitchen or bathroom. Tiles are made in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors, making the design possibilities seemingly endless. This allows you to completely customize the look to match your desired room.


A carpeted floor is soft and warm. The use of style and color of carpet can add depth to your décor. Carpet helps to muffle noise, making it the quietest flooring option. It wears quickly and is susceptible to staining. However, if you have to replace the flooring, it is generally the cheapest option.

Epoxy Floor Coating

An epoxy floor coating over a concrete floor is easy to clean and very durable. This flooring is resistant to water, dirt, and chemicals, making it a highly desirable upgrade for commercial spaces. Since cleaning is easy, this flooring can handle a high volume of foot traffic. Different types of Flooring in New York all serve different purposes.

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