Seasonal Fixes With Plumbers In Indianapolis IN

It is not a secret that regular maintenance is the answer to eliminating any major problems in the future. Ask your plumbers in Indianapolis IN, about plumbing maintenance and seasonal check ups. Summer and winter weather demand their very own maintenance routines. It is recommended to hire professional plumbers in Indianapolis IN for regular maintenance and for emergency problems. However, there are certain maintenance and repair work that homeowners can take care of themselves.

Winter fixes with plumbers in Indianapolis IN

If your kitchen plumbing runs on the outside walls of your house it means that the water lines have greater chances of freezing in winter. Keep the water lines from freezing by either by keeping the cabinet doors open so that the room air flows in or by placing a small heater near the open cabinet.

Septic tank inspection and cleanup is recommended before winter temperature sets in. Cesspool cleaning is more difficult in the frozen icy ground. Annual water heater servicing by professional plumbers in Indianapolis IN should be done before winter starts. This will ensure that you have hot water all through the cold season.

Frozen pipes are frequent winter problems as they are susceptible to bursting if not thawed immediately. Check the pipes for insulation. Wrap insulation or heat tape around the exposed pipes to keep them from freezing.

All external plumbing elements need to be checked before winter. This includes outside toilets, showers, sinks and sprinkler system. Close down the water supply and drain out the remaining water in the pipes. You can also add non-toxic anti-freeze.

Summer fixes with plumbers in Indianapolis IN

Summer is slightly easier with no cold weather issues but since water usage increases there could be other plumbing issues that need to be fixed by your plumbers in Indianapolis IN. Invasive tree roots can break through the pipes and start a pipe leak or water burst. This fix requires professional help from local plumbers in Indianapolis IN.

Clogged toilets can be due to many reasons. Use a plunger or snaking to unclog the toilet but if the toilets get clogged frequently it might need a strong water jet to clear out the debris accumulated over time. Your plumbers are the best option if you continually experience clogged toilets.

Maintenance checklist with plumbers in Indianapolis IN

​Maintenance is required twice a year and needs to take care of the following:

Look for signs of water leak. Check in the external pipes, foundation, toilets, under the sink cabinets and water heater leaks.

Pipes should not be corroded. Corrosion is a major cause for leakage.

Check the water pressure in faucets and showers. Low pressure could be sue to sediments or leakage in water lines.

Mildew check in the high moisture area like bathrooms or basement is necessary.

Loose or cracked tiles near water pipes could mean water leaks behind the tiles that caused the loosening of the adhesive.