Seasons Changing in Fort Wayne, IN? Time to Maintain You Garage Door

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As the seasons change, you may organize your belongings and do some extra cleaning, but it is also a great time to do some basic maintenance on your garage door. Here are three tasks that you should do at least one time each year.

Oil the Mechanism
Lubricating the mechanism of your garage door helps it open easily, saves wear and tear on the track, and keeps the door aligned. You should not use oil on the track itself, but just the springs, locks, hinges, and other components. Clean the track to remove any build-up of dirt and oil. Also check the components for leaves, twigs, and other debris.

Spray Wash the Inside and Outside of the Door
Spray washing your garage door keeps it looking great and lets you inspect the weather stripping around the edges. If you find that the weather stripping is loose, torn, or damaged, it should be replaced. This is a job that should be left to a professional company that offers garage door services in Fort Wayne, IN.

Check the Sensors
If you have an automatic garage door opener, put fresh batteries in the remote and test the garage door. If the door hesitates or does not open all the way, the garage door should be serviced by a professional. A company that provides garage door services for Fort Wayne, IN, homes will also check the sensors that detect objects in path of the door.

Where to Find Garage Door Services in Fort Wayne, IN
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