Security can be for everybody

Traditionally, it was businesses that employed the services of security firms. This is because they are usually much larger in size compared to houses and have a lot more equipment and stock to look after. Nowadays however, more private home owners are also focussing on security. This is because most houses have expensive technology, jewellery, cash and most importantly our loved ones inside. You cannot put a price on your family’s safety and so many people are seeking advice from a specialist security guard company in Swindon to see what options are available to them.

Security at home

A lot of people have CCTV cameras, burglar alarms and security lights at their homes. These provide an excellent deterrent to thieves and also reduce household insurance premiums. It is for these reasons that security services are more affordable than many people may think. A lot of people don’t know though that they can benefit even further in security terms from the services offered by bespoke security companies. Mobile patrols can be scheduled to check your house at specified times. These patrols will visit your home and check that windows and doors are secure. They may do this during the night while you are sleeping, during the day when you are at work or whilst you are away on holiday. No matter when they do their patrol they will always act as a visible presence at your home and anyone in the local area will know that you are a security conscious homeowner. The word will also reach potential thieves and the chances of your home being targeted for a robbery are greatly reduced.

Security in the workplace

We’ve all visited office buildings and been asked to sign in by a security guard at reception. This isn’t just for fun but is actually an important security measure. It keeps track of all people entering and leaving the building so if a fire were to break out a register can be taken. Moreover, if there was ever a security incident the record of all people inside the premises could be checked and those people questioned accordingly. Security guards within a workplace also serve to protect employees as well as visitors so they can perform their jobs in a safe environment. Business owners wishing to explore their options should contact a Glevum Security for more information.


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