Security Systems in Long Island, NY and Dealing With Employee or Customer Theft

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How much cash and products went missing from your business last month? Have you considered that you could be dealing with employee theft? Though you did what you could to ensure that you hired the best people, there is always a risk that someone will have an alternative motive motive for coming to work for you. That is why it is important to safeguard your business with the right tools. One of the best ways to do that is to install cameras. The cameras will record what is going on when you are there and when you are not. Next, you can review the recordings to determine why and how the theft is occurring. When it comes to Security Systems in Long Island, NY they are worth the investment for all types of business including yours.

The mini dome camera is not intrusive and can be positioned in key-locations where you know theft is a problem. For example, you can position one over the cashiers and others throughout the store. No one will realize that they are being recorded or see the actual camera. That is because it is housed in the black dome. Once they have been installed, start reviewing the recordings as soon as you notice that money or products have gone missing. If you find that an employee is taking items from the stock room and walking out the door with them unpaid for, you will know what to do. You may also find that another employee is taking money from the cash register. No business can sustain employee theft. However, you will know what the problem is, and you will know how to resolve it. That is why investing in Security Systems in Long Island, NY is important to the growth of any business.

You may find that it was not an employee problem. The recordings may show that a customer is taking products and short-changing your employees. If this is the case, you will have to have a meeting with your employees. It is always wise to discuss what to expect from short-change artists and how to handle in-store theft problems correctly.