Sedation Dentistry in Chanhassen Calms Panicky Patients

Many people fear visiting a dentist’s office. They cannot face the sound of a drill or the smell of the chemicals used to keep tools germ free. There is not always what some would consider a rational explanation for their fears – they simply cannot bear to be in a chair with someone working on their teeth. For those patients, sedation dentistry in Chanhassen is the only way they can face visiting a dentist’s office.

Although there have been questions by anesthesiologists about the level of training dentists receive before administering sedatives, the use of sedation dentistry in Chanhassen, as in other parts of the Twin City area, has proven successful in reducing the traumatic effects of dental visits for many patients. The value of the technique appears to outweigh any potential downsides. Proponents of sedation dentistry quickly point out that the chances of a patient suffering an adverse reaction to a sedative are extremely slim.

Normally, patients receive a simple injection to relieve pain during a dental procedure. While most people tolerate normal dental procedures easily with the injections, others do not. Each patient is different, with some requiring only a mild sedative to see then through the appointment. In those cases, most dentists use a mild sedative that is taken orally. Other patients, however, require deep sedation, where they are not aware of their surroundings or the procedures being administered.

Dentists like Molldrem Family Dentistry ( use sedation dentistry in Chanhassen for a variety of reasons. In addition to relieving patient anxiety, using sedatives reduce the amount of movement by patients, which allows procedures to proceed smoothly. Patients who are awake may also be bothered by a gag reflex, a reaction that is not present after sedation. Patients also do not suffer pain during the procedures, and have no memory of things that happened while under sedation.

While patients should discuss the pros and cons of sedation dentistry in Chanhassen with the practitioner before deciding if it is the best option for them, the technique is very valuable for patients who would otherwise neglect their dental care. No one truly understands all the reasons people have for patients’ fear of dental visits, but for those most terrified, sedation dentistry is proven to be helpful in dealing with the terror they experience without sedation.