Sell Old Jewelry, Watches and Coins to Businesses that Buy Gold in Chicago

by | Dec 18, 2013 | Jewelry

Many Americans are turning to their home accessories and jewelry boxes to raise cash. The increase in prices for precious metals has made them look at their silver serving trays and gold watches in another light. They now view them as investments to be sold when they reach a certain value or when their budgets need an infusion of cash. However, this new value also brought in many new businesses who buy gold in Chicago. Sellers have to sort through the many places that buy precious metal items. Often they turn to Chicago Gold Gallery, an establishment with a 33-year history of giving people the best gold prices in the region.

All gold is not equal. The appraisers at the Chicago Gold Gallery will differentiate between 10 karat gold through 24 karat gold. They will also weigh it to determine its full value. Unlike many gold buyers who just sell to scrap-metal facilities, they also resell pieces in good condition as jewelry. So they will have an appreciation for the items as jewelry. This enables them to pay a fair price for beautifully crafted antique pieces. However, they will also accept broken gold pieces, dental gold and gold watches that no longer work. Businesses that buy gold in Chicago understand that people often sell their jewelry, gold watches and home accessories when they are in financial distress. They offer free and confidential appraisals on the spot. People can walk out the door with the cash that they need.

Cold coins are also a very desirable investment that can be turned into cash. In this case the appraiser will pay special attention to which mint made the gold coin. Historic US mints include Carson City, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Denver and San Francisco. Coin collectors sort coins into seven categories. They begin at Good and move up the scale to Very Good, Fine, Very Fine, and Extra Fine. Special value is given to uncirculated coins. The best categories are Almost Uncirculated and Uncirculated. If a coin is classified as Uncirculated, it then is further classified from MS60 to MS70. The American Numismatic Society developed the guidelines that all reputable coin buyers use in appraising coins.

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