Septic Tank Service In Putnam County NY: How Pumping Works

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Septic pumping is one of the services applied in ensuring a septic tank is well maintained. In order to understand well how septic pumping is done, it is good to first understand what a septic tank is and the way it works. The septic system is an underground system that treats sewage for households. Typically, it contains four components: a pipe, tank, soil and the drain field. If damage to any of the above components occurs, the system will fail and in turn causes the soil and water to contaminate. Consequently, repairing and replacement of either one or all of these parts results in big financial drains. Thus, Septic Tank Service Putnam County NY recommends that pumping is necessary to prevent such an unfortunate occurrence.

How does it work?

Basically, waste water leaves through the plumbing network to the septic tank. Most of the tanks are underground and normally constructed on an extremely water taut concrete, polyethylene or even fiberglass. It is designed in such a way that it holds the water for long so that the solid wastes settles at the tanks bottom. There is also a compartment that prevents the scum from leaving the tank. Later, soil layers filter the liquid and this prepares it for the final treatment, which removes viruses, nutrients as well as bacteria. Depending on the type of the tank, Septic Tank Service Putnam County NYwill let you know how the system works but generally most of the tanks work like this.


A large truck with pumps and hoses is used to do the pumping. The pump is inserted at the opening of the manhole in order to remove the sludge and cum. These are sucked in a truck and later disposed appropriately. Septic Tank Service Putnam County NY inspects the valves and tanks to identify the areas that have clogged and leaks. The homeowner is then updated on the condition of the pump and the repairs that are necessary.