Services Offered by a Reputable Air Conditioning Repair Technician

Did you know that an air conditioning system that is not well-maintained can cause you unnecessarily high energy bills? Research shows that about 44% of your annual energy bill will be contributed by the air conditioning if you are not careful about proper maintenance and care of the systems. An informed person can help you in handling air conditioning repair and maintenance so that you will not have to waste too much money on the same.


Dealing with thermostats

The thermostat is the most sensitive and essential part of the air conditioning system, because it is the part that initiates heating or cooling action depending on the temperatures. If the thermostat is not working the right way, you can fix the problem through installing a programmable one. Having a programmable thermostat can save you up to $180 annually by maintaining constant temperatures. You can also have an expert program the thermostat in such a way that it will react to zone specific temperatures. This will also save you more money.

AC unit coils

The AC coil is the part of the HVAC system that helps in cooling the air in the house. When the coil is dusty, its effectiveness is affected. This means that it has to run for longer hours to cool air. This increases your energy bill significantly. The solution in this case is to get an expert to help you clean the coils. Note that a dirty coil will strain the whole unit and eventually affect its durability.

Dealing with air filters

Like in the case of the AC unit coils, you need to be careful about the cleanness of your AC unit. A dirty filter will mean that the conditioning system will have to do twice the amount of work to keep your air well-conditioned. An Eco Air Conditioning expert will help you clean or replace the filter, and this will reduce the energy bill and increase the life of your unit.

These are all services air conditioning repair and services that can be offered by a reliable company like Ecoair. In case your system is not working right, you can go to and ask for a reliable air HVAC repair contractor.